Question: What’s the worst part of shipping?
Answer:   Finding the right box. :(

Let us provide you with a box. :)

Thinking of sending us your punch cards? You could hunt everywhere for a box of exactly the right shape and size... OR...
Why not let us send you one of our lovely reusable shipping and storage boxes?
Our empty shipping box arrives on your doorstep with instructions and preprinted shipping labels inside.
Did you know punch card boxes are still being made? We’ll include some (as shown above).
We’ll even throw in 18 inches of fiber tape so you can seal the box.
Shipping just got easy!

Each kit holds 3000 cards. (For comparison, a drawer in a standard punch card cabinet holds 3000 cards.)
Please specify your number of cards when ordering.

Click one of these buttons, and we’ll send your box immediately. (Please allow 6 calendar days for delivery, longer at holidays.)

$3 per kit, limit 3 kits per customer.
These kits are loss leaders to help you get started, and are built and reinforced by hand, so additional kits are $12 each.
Only for customers of our card reading service.

click to pay $3 with PayPal:

USA addresses only.

First box purchase counts toward your setup fee. In other words, it’s practically a free box.

Do not use your browser’s Back button in PayPal’s website.
To complete your transaction, click on "Return to PunchCardReader" after payment.

It’s the easy way to send us your cards!

Simply place your boxes of cards inside, tape the box closed, apply the label,
and take it to the post office or call your favorite courier.

They’re great for installment orders, where you send us some cards, we send them back, you send us some more, etc.
And when your order is done, you get to keep the box, to give your cards extra protection.



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