Method 2: Card Reading with Your Own Scanner.

Selected customers are invited to scan their own cards and submit the images electronically, by e-mail.

As of 2016, this method is somewhat experimental, and will require a great deal of back-and-forth communication; and so, we will only consider customers who meet the following requirements:

  • Equipment: You must own a modern scanner with auto-feed, auto-numbering, and TIFF output.
  • Experience: You must have extensive experience using a scanner or processing images.
  • Great Communicator: Above-average fluency in written English. (This disqualifies most foreigners and, sadly, most Americans too ;^) We're depending on you to be our eyes and ears while we work together to tweak your scanner.)
  • Personality: Ability to follow directions; no difficulties with defiance, shyness, or social anxiety. (The last time we let customers scan their own cards, we got a lot of customers who ignored our simple instructions, then bailed the first time we corrected them for using the wrong scanner settings.)
  • No Middlemen. You must scan the cards yourself. You may not hire a student or a relative and train them to operate your scanner while you act as go-between. We will only consider individuals who are committed to doing the whole job, including all the scanner work and all the interaction with this business.
  • Minimum Order: You must submit at least punch card images. If you submit fewer, the minimum charge will still be for .

Customers who do not meet all of these requirements will need to submit their cards by mail.
Remember, we can send you the perfect box, giving you the easiest shipping experience on the planet.

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