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Collector's items from the golden age of computing.

Numeric Data Card 6 pack


Numeric Data Cards.

These pre-punched cards contain spectroscopic data for various gases. Made in 1978. Punch patterns vary.
While supplies last.

If you need us to read your cards, please visit our data processing department.

Mathematical Punch Card 6 pack


Scientific Punch Cards.

This Just In: Thanks to a generous client, we now have a few pre-punched cards containing Fortran statements and mathematical formulas. Made in 1975. Punch patterns vary.
While supplies last.

🎄 🎄 ’Tis the season to buy gifts for techies. 🎄 🎄

7-pak, animated 7 pack


The Seven-Pack.

Our most popular pack.
One each of our fancy punch cards (includes all five different colors and layouts!), a scientific Fortran card, and a pink Job Control card. (See descriptions above and below.)

The perfect gift for a techie!

Fancy Punch Card 75¢


Fancy Punch Cards.

Designed for large corporations, these cards were used for tracking personnel, tallying benefits, and property accounting.
These dual-purpose cards were usually filled in by hand and then punched by the data processing department.
Each kind of card could be identified at a glance by its bold color stripe.

These vintage cards from Los Alamos Laboratory were a big secret in 1960 (Shhh!).
They're geek-chic in a mad scientist kind of way.

Color and layout may vary. Collect all five.

These cards are unused and un-punched.

old MIT logo     new MIT logo 95¢


MIT Logo Cards.

Un-punched cards with the old and new MIT logo. Made about 1972.

Old: enlarge


New: enlarge

7-pak, animated 70¢


’70s Rock Cards.

One of our generous customers donated his music catalog, which he kept on IBM cards. These cards from the ’70s are just 70¢ apiece! And if you have a favorite band, we do take requests. Hundreds of artists to choose from.

Fun Facts Cards 65¢


Fun Facts Cards.

Designed for everyday use by students, computer scientists, and archivists.
One side is a replica punch card; the other side gives educational facts about punch card computing.


  • Trivia and statistics about punch cards
  • History of the punch card
  • Rulers for counting cards and columns

Includes the famous warning “Do not fold, spindle or mutilate”.

Newly printed on realistic cardstock! Same color, thickness, and stiffness as vintage cards.

Part # PCR 7102.

Pink Punch Card 10 pack


Pink Job Control Cards.

In olden days, pink punch cards were typically used as Job Control cards.
Manila cards held data, while pink cards often held commands for the IBM System/360 mainframe computer.
You can see some pink IBM cards in action on a System/360 here.

Being brightly colored, these cards are especially eye-catching and easy to find and therefore suitable as bookmarks.

These cards are unused and un-punched. May have square corners. Print layout may vary (may match the plain cards shown below).

Sorry, this item is out of stock.
We recommend the 7-pack and scientific cards instead.

Plain Punch Card 10 pack


Plain Punch Cards.

The regular cards are simply numbered 0 through 9 down every column.
Part # IBM 5081 or similar.

These cards are unused and un-punched.

Sorry, this item is out of stock.
We recommend the pink cards and scientific cards instead.


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